Suissly Sales

All sales promotions are limited time promotions and only available while supplies last. They are not retroactive to orders placed prior to these promotions.

When placing an order, during the check-out process enter the discount code, then update your shopping cart. The discount does not include any State mandated mattress recycling fees, or taxes.

Shipping Charges

All orders include free shipping.  

FuturePay Orders

Orders placed through FuturePay are included in this promotion. Any changes to FuturePay orders after the order is placed must be communicated to Suissly Customer Support directly as well as FuturePay customer support. Suissly does not have access to consumer data placed through FuturePay.

Combining Promotions

No other offers can be combined with this offer.

Refunds & Exchanges

The Suissly Mattress return and exchange policy DOES NOT APPLY to this promo. There are no exchanges, or returns, for purchases bought through this promotion.


Please contact our customer support team at if there are any issues with our products.


The Suissly warranty policy applies to this promo with no exceptions based upon this promotion.

If you have any questions, please contact us.